Apres French Manicure Ombre Series - Tokyo Set

Apres Nail
Gel Polish Set

Apres French Manicure Ombre Series - Tokyo Set

Stand underneath the falling cherry blossoms with our Tokyo ombre series! With this collection of dusky and dark purples, feel the buzz of Shibuya Crossing as evening falls and the lights and action of Tokyo come alive.

The French Ombre series of five different shades allows you to create the perfect ombre French. Each of our colors have been formulated from a richly pigmented, medium viscosity gel that offers flawless opacity in just two coats or less. Every bottle also comes with our revolutionary in-bottle Angled Brush-X, which means the perfect tool is included with the perfect gel to easily draw the perfect smile line. Combinations and possibilities are limitless! This is French nails like youve never seen before.

Midnight Arcade (116)
Al Pachinko (117)
Berry Cherry Blossoms (118)
Konbini Korner (119)
I Love You So Mochi (120)

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Apres French Manicure Ombre Series - Tokyo Set
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