Angel Silk Lash - R (J+C) Curl / 0.10 X 9mm
Angel Silk Lash - R Curl / 0.10X9mm It have natural curling, soft touch so eyelash extensionist can make glamorous eyelashes. Long-lasting, professional eyelash extension. Each item contains 16 Lines in 1 Pack High quality synthetic silk eyelashes.
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Eyelash Hydro Gel Under Eye Patch 12 Pairs
Lint free gel Eye Pads. Ideal for professional or personal use. Cleaner, faster and more convenient. Perfectly supports eyelash extension application. Perfectly suitable for eyelash extension application, facials, eyelash perming, eyelash tinting. Reduces dark circle, eye puffiness, and increases skin...
$7.99 $5.00
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EyeLash Nuts Tape 10 sheet / PK
EyeLash Nuts Tape 10 sheet / PK Tapes are used to cover and protect the lower lashes during eyelash extension application. Dimensions: 10mm x 3.8mm
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KeiLash Eyelash Glue-R 5mL - Superior Adhesion
Premium Eyelash Extention Adhesive KeiLash Glue - R Style 5ml Super low fume, No Latex, No Formaldehyde and  great Retention! Kei Glue for Eyelash Extensions has a drying time of 3-4 seconds.  
$24.99 $19.99
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Orly GelFX Builder In A Bottle
Builder In A Bottle - Open Stock Soak-off sculpting gel for nail extension. Applies like a soft gel, wears like a hard gel, and soaks-off when ready to remove. Effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application offers flawless, longer, more natural looking...
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Ultra Super Glue - KC Certified Eyelash Extension Glue 5mL
Ultra Super Glue 5mL Eyelash Extension Glue - KC Certified Extremely Fast Drying Due to its excellent wearability, Ultra Super is one of the best selling eyelash extension adhesives in Korea. Dries quickly and prevents the eyelash from slipping around, however, only...
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