CND Nail Prime
Nail Prime WHAT IT IS: An acid-free bonding agent that permanently adheres Liquid & Powder enhancements to natural nail. WHAT IT DOES: Forms powerful covalent bonds between Liquid & Powder enhancement product and natural nails for superior adhesion. WHY YOU...
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CND Scrubfresh 32oz
WHAT IT IS:  A natural-nail surface cleanser that cleanses and dehydrates the nail. WHY YOU NEED IT: To prep nail at each and every nail service. Improves enhancement adhesion and reduces lifting. Removes contaminants from the natural nail plate. WHEN...
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EZ Flow - EZ Bond - .5oz
EZ Flow Bond 0.5oz Balances pH and eliminates moisture from the nail in preparation for other services in only 3 5 seconds! Readies the natural nail plate for primer, glue or enamel, creating a perfect seal.
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Nail Harmony Gelish pH Bond Nail Dehydrator
Nail Harmony Gelish Nail Dehydrator - pH Bond .5oz PH Bond is used as a nail dehydrator to prep the nail for Acrylic or Gel enhancements. This product is essential in the proper preparation of the nail plate. PH BOND can be...
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Nail Harmony Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit UV/LED Lamp
Nail Harmony Gelish Pro 5-45 Kit UV/LED Lamp The gelish led 18g gel light is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance gelish soak-off gel polishes. The ultimate professional salon curing experience. Gelish 18g tray provides...
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