CND GelBond Adhesive .33oz
GelBond WHAT IT IS: Professional-grade, pressure-set, moisture-resistant adhesive. WHAT IT DOES: Adheres nail tips to the natural nail. WHY YOU NEED IT: Ensures proper tip adhesion for every nail service. FEATURES & BENEFITS Liquid adhesive with a 10-second set time...
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Dashing Diva - Fast Bond 20g
 Thick gel adhesive that completely fills and seals gaps between nails and natural nail beds. Ideal for clients with uneven nail surfaces and when using full cover nails with translucent designs.
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Presto Bambina Top Gel Thick 13g
Patented technology no-sanding top gel with a thick consistency great for weakened nails or to avoid sanding the nails. Seals and protects gel designs with a beautiful, glossy finish. Prevents coloration/discoloration from daily activity. Wipe with Presto Nail Cleanser after...
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